Challenge #03460-I172: Well Met Again

Could we have a story where the new young reborn Anthe and the young, highly magic, thief that Wraithvine adopted meet? Maybe they're both at his side at some point? Please?

From stories:

and -- Anon Guest

[AN: Sorry, Nonny, but those stories are unrelated. Different time zones]

She was introduced as Gikka Winbelburrough at the next inn. Given good warm food and some relaxing tea. And a very confusing conversation.

"You don't remember me," said Wraithvine the Eternal. Ze was digging in hir pockets for something. It was a pair of smoked-glass lenses[1] made to fit a Kobold's draconic face. The craftsmanship was exquisite. Made to last more than one lifetime.

Gikka wanted to lunge forwards and claim it as hers. She was further shocked when Wraithvine put them in her paw and said, "I'm sure they'll fit."

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