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Challenge #03250-H341: Welp. Party's Over.

The people of Ladidah are throwing a fit over the destroyed wedding and the wedding planners are weeping. Liz's own family is hounding her about her "unlady-like" behavior even as the vorax raiders, the survivors that is, are being dragged off to incarceration and the Brutes are taking the raider ships to turn them in for the credit. Liz decides to give a smackdown, verbally speaking, to them all that 'rich and powerful' is not just for MEN, and 'being able to fight like a fiend', doesn't mean they have to be male, either. And she makes sure her husband is able to give them a few pieces of his mind as well. -- Anon Guest

Kudge thought he'd been in love before the wedding. The snobby gits from Ladidah were having conniptions now that the disaster was over, because now their big showy ceremony was ruined. It was the worst thing to ever happen in their glitteringly extravagant lives.

"At least y'all have lives to complain about it in," he rumbled, ushering a captive Vorax into a stasis pod.

That was when the mother-of-the-bride started going off on a long, complicated rant about how the chefs were trained in the most advanced culinary techniques, and had labored for days to create the bridal feast, how her dress was worth years and some Brute had got Vorax goo on it. She could never wear it again! Not that she actually planned to wear it again, but that wasn't the point. Some paparazzo could have snapped her in a state of dishevelment.

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Challenge #03172-H263: They Were Not Invited

The brutes arrange, and attend, a marriage. -- Anon Guest

It was one hell of a surprising wedding for the high society of Ladidah. Half the guests were heavily armed and on oath to keep the safeties on, "unless someone wants to flakk with us." That half was Bergeddin's Brutes, a rough, tough, order of space marines who activated when someone wanted the problem to no longer exist.

The other half was the high-class, high-ticket, high

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Challenge #02828-G271: War Makes...

They had been sent in to rescue a high ranking official's daughter and had, erroneously, assumed she would be some weak, helpless, demanding, little flower that not only would be difficult to rescue, but would be a major headache, and pain in their rears, all the way through the escape and on the way back to the woman's home world. What they found, instead, was a strong, fierce, self-reliant individual who was as ready with a weapon as any of their team.

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Challenge #02736-G179: Falling? Flying!

My god these two are too f*cking precious. Welp (cocks gun) let’s make sure it stays that way. -- Anon Guest

He'd never been a fan of damsels in distress. He much preferred the kind of girl who could go down snarling. So when they were sent to rescue some muckety-muck who had been abducted by some other nonsense group, Kudge had never expected to meet her halfway. She was filthy, dishevelled, and bore a weapon she had clearly stolen

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Fanfic Time: Recycled Souls part 2

I swear to Blob I had more of this. Feckin backups… why do they never back up automagically. Blah.

  Sumer. 3542 BC.

  Ammon had given up struggling against the slaver’s bonds. It had taken him a month to do so, but he still hated his captors. He was not going to cow or grovel before these females, even if they *did* serve an earthbound Goddess!

  He’d spit in her eye, too, given a chance.

  Here came two

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Fanfic Time: Recycled Souls part 1

Warning: this is yet another unfinished fic. I kinda lost the umph to write more some time ago. It’s still lurking in the back of my head, so tallyho!

Disclaimer: They own it, I just play with it. I own this, so please don’t steal it.

Archiving: If you want it, email for a clean copy.

Info: Yet another bizarre idea that accosted me in the wee small hours. I got a million of ‘

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