Challenge #02828-G271: War Makes...

They had been sent in to rescue a high ranking official's daughter and had, erroneously, assumed she would be some weak, helpless, demanding, little flower that not only would be difficult to rescue, but would be a major headache, and pain in their rears, all the way through the escape and on the way back to the woman's home world. What they found, instead, was a strong, fierce, self-reliant individual who was as ready with a weapon as any of their team. Which was a good thing, because the way home was not going to be easy, nor would the unexpected reception when they finally returned her to her home.

I really loved the prompt and story with this one, could we see more about the two? The warrior maiden in a world where such are not well looked upon really has a great potential to me. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Kudge and Liz, a match made in Hell... but in the best possible way]

It was during downtime between points of Very Interesting that Kudge finally found his usual quick mouth. "I gotta say, I always hated the whole 'delicate flower' narrative for the executive class of ladies. Like, is the line they draw between delicate flowers and walking trash how much money they have, or could earn, or what their day job is? It's so arbitrary. I always said everyone should know at least some basic defence. So -uh- where did you learn how to do all that and how can I sign people up for it?"

She looked so wonderful when she smiled. She put her whole self into it. Kudge found himself blushing more than a little as he shyly smiled back. "I'm... kind of self-taught. The instant I was away from any watchful eye, I was searching up methods of combat from unarmed to anything-goes and practising by myself." Liz blew out a sigh. "Today... well... the last few days have been a learning curve. And a half."

"Yeah, but you blew up that mountain and took names. You were awesome." Now that shy grin was all out. Showing off teeth that Kudge was only now self-conscious about. "So what if you were making it up on the fly? You were flying anyway! You soared. Hell, that's how me an' the Brutes operate most of the time."

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