Wednesday - Day 4

Apparently, there's an election in the wind. The Queensland government website I've been using to keep track of Covid-19 cases is now in "caretaker mode" until the new administration is in. That means we should probably attend some form of poll sometime real soon now.

Almost makes me wish I paid any attention at all to advertising. Almost.

I've penned my Wordpress Wednesday for today and -honestly- I've been procrastinating on writing this one because it might be in Bad Taste(tm). But since most of the globe has shifted over to enjoying the living HELL out of the Repugnicans getting a helping of consequences, I thought I'd better do that thing now.

Let's see if I'm right.

In the News:

  • Muppet attempts to pretend strength, is called out multiple times
  • Once again claims that the plague is no worse than the flu
  • It costs $100 to get a "Trump Beats Covid" commemorative coin
  • Victoria and Tasmania are about to get smashed by some heavy storms, thanks to Climate Change
  • Whitehouse claims to be tracking and tracing not bolstered by the in-house medical staff of thirty, who already have their hands full with the Muppet
  • Two people were busted trying to sneak into NSW from Victoria three times and at no point it occurred to them to get the proper paperwork
  • Aussie Mum finds a secret message from a prisoner and the department responsible says steps will be taken to make sure such is not repeated. This means that the prisoner will be found and punished. It will do jack shit about the conditions said prisoner was suffering that made them feel it was necessary to send said message out.

I could say more, but we are currently culturally wired to punish minor wrongdoers rather than trying to solve the actual problem. That's something for next Wednesday.

Once more the Aussie budget hands money out to rich people. People who, by definition, don't need more money. Trickle-down never firkin works and it's high time economists woke up to that.

I should focus on a fun happy story. Clear my mental palette.