Day Four

A 8-post collection

Friday, Plague Day 4, incoming medical assistance?

My head's a bit clearer today. However, my voice is shot to shit and trying to talk makes me regret it in twenty minutes or less.

Which is going to make a phone call from the Covid Response Teams some "interesting times". Beloved has offered to talk for me, but she's sleeping off the Plague 90% of the time.

It's going to hurt.

I feel like I'm recovering, but it could easily be a false upswing before something else lands on me like the proverbial ton of bricks.

I am still very light sensitive, and have to wear my sunnies to use the computer.

The good news for y'all is I actually feel like writing my Instant straight away. For the first time since Tuesday.

I shall see if it gets done. Wish me the best.

Wednesday, Day 4, Wordpress

Plague news: no new cases! The four total active cases are still in hospital. Australia's at 91.7% first vax, 85.5% fully vaxxed. Queensland's second-last in the vax stats at 85% first vax, and 74% fully vaxxed.

I have some Wordpress to summon words for and I may go on a bit about how little things can balloon outwards. Bits about what's missing in the module and what I've done to fill in the blanks. And what's happened as a result.

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Monday - Day Four

The USA has overwhelmingly chosen to not have the Muppet in office. Of course the right wing is throwing a tantrum about it. At least ScoMo's willing to roll with the flow.

The internet is more or less sighing in relief. Maybe this will be the turning point where the world brings itself back from the brink.

The real difference between the Muppet and Biden is that the Muppet surrounded himself with toadies and yes-men. Biden, even when campaigning, has surrounded himself

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Wednesday - Day Four

The Senate has confirmed a blatantly pro-life judge and "cruelty is the point" advocate for the supreme court, which is now 6-3 in favour of absolute evil. Two weeks before the election. They have all stated that they're going to let the Muppet do whatever he wants, throw out the postal votes, and ignore any tally that comes not-instantly after the polls close on the actual election day.

Fascism is real in America.

Today, rights formerly fought and won will erode.


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Wednesday - Day Four

I know what I'm doing with Wordpress Wednesday, and it's A Chapter Of... Not just a chapter of an unedited novel I have finished, but a chapter of a thing that I've written before and during the plague. A thing that, though it won't earn me a red cent [because Wizards of the Coast will probably sue me if I try lol], gave me immense joy to read and write in a very stressful time.

I would come back to it again

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Thursday - Day Four

Beloved will be going to work later today, so I will be recording a more audible version of the tutorial I did on Tuesday. I live, I learn.

Today's brain hack will involve closing the compy room door so that I will be in Recording Mode. We'll see if it works.

With luck, I'll have a video that MeMum can use. Everything explained simply and easily and the why of it as well. I have to make things VERY clear. Obviously.


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Wednesday - Day 4

Apparently, there's an election in the wind. The Queensland government website I've been using to keep track of Covid-19 cases is now in "caretaker mode" until the new administration is in. That means we should probably attend some form of poll sometime real soon now.

Almost makes me wish I paid any attention at all to advertising. Almost.

I've penned my Wordpress Wednesday for today and -honestly- I've been procrastinating on writing this one because it might be in Bad Taste(tm)

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Saturday - Day Four

Four days without plague. Woot. Here's to ten more so I finally have the freedom to go somewhere without that mask. I'm looking forward to it, and have been looking forward to it since firkin MARCH. That feels like twenty years ago now.


The Muppet has publicly announced that he's going to cling to power regardless of what the polls say and it's odds evens that his nefarious minions will let him.

Society as we know it may be fucked. Bring

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