Challenge #03172-H263: They Were Not Invited

The brutes arrange, and attend, a marriage. -- Anon Guest

It was one hell of a surprising wedding for the high society of Ladidah. Half the guests were heavily armed and on oath to keep the safeties on, "unless someone wants to flakk with us." That half was Bergeddin's Brutes, a rough, tough, order of space marines who activated when someone wanted the problem to no longer exist.

The other half was the high-class, high-ticket, high society of Ladidah. Kudge had started calling it that and Liz encouraged it. Neither of them liked that half of the new family about to launch.

Ladidah insisted on flowers, arches, a garden, pomp and circumstance. Bergeddin's Brutes insisted on intense security measures and battle-rated livesuits ready to rock and roll somewhere in the fancy outfits.

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