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Challenge #03253-H344: The Big Day

Ok, ok, wedding please? Pretty please? With candy canes and sugar cakes on top?? I SO want to see the upper crust going into conniptions knowing that these young men rule over them and they can't do a damn thing except accept the wedding! And oh how the families will be so happy seeing their daughters married off to such wonderful prospects! :-) -- DaniAndShali

It had been a long, long time since a reigning Duke married. It had been even longer since a double wedding featuring the reigning Duke and his Viceroy brother. Nobody could ever remember if there were Tieflings in the mix.

It was generally understood that circumstances called for prodigious amounts of pomp. Sumptuous circumstance. Frills and furbelows. Cloth-of-gold, gemstones galore, and guests who were gilt by association. There would be balls to overflow the walls, feasts to fulfil every fantasy, and of course commemorative coins for everyone in the realm.

The Merrimines, Duke and Viceroy alike, went for extravagance as well. After all, they only planned to get married once. Therefore, it had to be memorable. Everything had to be perfect, so that she would stay with him.

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Challenge #03172-H263: They Were Not Invited

The brutes arrange, and attend, a marriage. -- Anon Guest

It was one hell of a surprising wedding for the high society of Ladidah. Half the guests were heavily armed and on oath to keep the safeties on, "unless someone wants to flakk with us." That half was Bergeddin's Brutes, a rough, tough, order of space marines who activated when someone wanted the problem to no longer exist.

The other half was the high-class, high-ticket, high

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