Challenge #02736-G179: Falling? Flying!

My god these two are too f*cking precious. Welp (cocks gun) let’s make sure it stays that way. -- Anon Guest

He'd never been a fan of damsels in distress. He much preferred the kind of girl who could go down snarling. So when they were sent to rescue some muckety-muck who had been abducted by some other nonsense group, Kudge had never expected to meet her halfway. She was filthy, dishevelled, and bore a weapon she had clearly stolen from her captors. Most of the blood staining her clothing was from other people.

Kudge had never expected to fall in love at first sight either, but there he was. Plummeting. Normally the fast talker of the troop, he had only one thing to say- "Wow."

Luse was the one to step between him and her as she wound up to cause some serious damage with, "Hey, hey, no. No... We were sent to -ah- fetch you back? Honestly thanks for making our workday shorter, but please don't kill the brains of this group or we're in serious flakk."

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