I gotta but I don't wanna

I remember going through this during the 2012 floods. Frozen with fear and watching the news circle around. Just sitting and watching the devastation while I was holed up and listening to the ceaseless sound of rain. I couldn't move and I couldn't do anything else but stay informed.

I'm reaching a point where I don't want to leave the bed. I went to bed in the afternoon when I was done with my Instant and I spent the rest of the night and some of this morning in a series of naps interspersed with feelgood projects because looking at any more news was going to make me cry.

Nevertheless, I keep coming back to the headlines like a moth to the flame. Including today's firkin worst news:

[Shown here: Screencap of the notification that there's been one new case of Covid-19

This is a personal hit for me. I was just four days away from being able to go shopping without a mask and without fear... but no. Someone with the plague came into Queensland and reset my impending freedom counter back to firkin zero.

I'm going to spend an entire day in bed again. Fuck this shit.

In the news:

  • Site to provide permits to cross the closed border(s) keeps crashing. Which might be the point. If you don't have a permit, you can't legally cross, and then you can't spread the plague. Everyone wins except your selfish arse. Which I kind of endorse
  • Plague spreading so fast in the USA that contact tracing is impossible
  • US Prisons are, unsurprisingly, hotbeds of said plague and businesses are complaining because their force of ersatz slaves is no longer available
  • Buying limits return as people repeat the mistakes of the first plague by purchasing shit they don't even need
  • The Muppet nopes the USA out of the World Health Organisation in a move that will eventually cause epic levels of regret years after he's quit office
  • Victoria finally admits that it was complacency, not beauty, that unleashed the beast currently named as a second wave. I called it firkin AGES ago
  • Brazil's leader and fellow virus denialist has been confirmed as sick with the plague. Schadenfreude feels GOOD in this case as the man is/was evidently a living canker sore
  • Australians taking the trial vaccine have to follow a whole bunch of rules to get paid upwards of $2K for a poke in the arm with a sharp stick
  • Dietary supplement andrographis causes Covid-19 symptoms (notably loss of taste) in some users. Ironically, this was sold as herbal relief of flu-type virii
  • 800 companies could perish forever because Scotty From Marketing refused to keep supporting them. Heaven forfend that your rich buddies actually support the economy like they keep saying they do, Scotty
  • British police are just as racist as the American ones, arresting a sprinter for Driving While Black

I'm writing my story, going on some kind of rant, and then going back to bed.

Fuck this shit, I'm out.