Challenge #02737-G180: Learning the Hard Way

A telepath reads a human mind. They were almost overwhelmed while reading this: -- Anon Guest

Human contact is not for the uninitiated, especially when one is a Melil. Their species is one of the few that developed natural telepathy. It was something of a shock to all that their gift could be used to read the thoughts of other species.

That said, other species do not have the mental capacity of silencing their unbidden thoughts like the Melil can, and asking them to do so is worse than counterproductive. Worse so with Humans. Imagine being the poor Melil who encountered the very first Human.

Now imagine being a Melil teen who decided that the new restrictions were too restrictive and struck out on hir own for the Edge Territories to learn for themselves about the dangerous new cogniscent life form eking out an existence there. Which is exactly what Beni was doing.

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