Counting up to fourteen. Again.

No new cases in Queensland again. Day one of fourteen.

I think I'm going to stay away from a majority of the Plague News because its effect is debilitating on my psyche. On the other hand, I am getting loads of sleep. It's just not good sleep because depression naps are not refreshing.

Going through the day exhausted is not good for mind, body, or soul.

Things that have reached past my filters so far:

  • Bloke in Victoria attempted to get into NSW without the proper passes. He's now "helping police enquiries" [read: detained] and the family he took with him have gone back home. It's shits like this that spread the virus
  • Speaking of shits like that, a bloke in New Zealand broke quarantine to get personal hygiene products and take a bunch of selfies doing it. He tested positive the day after this. Thanks a bunch, fucknuts
  • Prominent activists once in the Ferguson protests are turning up (a) dead, and (b) in burned cars. This should be investigated as serial murder, but it probably won't because the USA is overloaded with racists in positions of authority
  • Kanye West probably won't be President(this time) because he entered late and therefore won't be on a lot of voting tickets

In very personal good news, I finished my CYOA :D

It's up on my Patreon today and I plan to post it to my Tumblr tomorrow. Assuming I can wait that long because I'm eager to share something I've actually FINISHED recently.

Maybe now I can focus on one or more of my other projects.

...stop laughing at me in that tone of voice...