Challenge #02738-G181: Stick Together or Fall...

The strength of the team is each member, the strength of each member is the team -- Anon Guest

Humans have so many sayings about their pack action. There is no I in Team. Teamwork makes the dream work. We stand together or we fall apart. If you needed any further proof that Humans are pack animals, there you go. It's coded into their daily axioms.

It comes to the fore when they work together as teams. They come to know each other's strengths, and bolster each other's weaknesses with them. They seem to have a group mind when they work together.

Slor had to ask them how they did that. Certainly, there were advantages to pack-bonding, but that was not what Slor wanted to know. That was why he waited for the Human Pack-bonding game to come to a close. As far as Slor could divine, it was Symbolically Kill The Other Team By Moving A Projectile Into A Specific Area.

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