Queensland is opening its borders to people with permits and not to anyone from Victoria, and it's happening at a minute past noon today. Needless to say the permit site is crashing because everyone applying at once.

I anticipate a LOT of people trying to run from the plague in NSW and just... bringing it with them. Fingers crossed, the permits are for true emergencies and not "I don't want to be in the plague zone kthx". Let's be honest, a lot of people behind the Denial Of Service happening at the permit application site are the latter.

People. Calm all of your tits. Think beyond your immediate self for five consecutive minutes and realise the following:

Running from the plague is how you end up spreading it, dummins!

This has been a public service screaming session for the people who insist on failing to learn from the lessons of history.

I'm staying away from the news for my own mental health, as it has been decreasing to the point where most of my day is spent in depression naps. I wake up exhausted, and spend my waking hours in a constant state of Lo Batt and it's frankly annoying. I can barely write anything at all.

So it's kind of a miracle that my CYOA is finished, I guess. You can see it on my Tumblr today and my AO3 account tomorrow. Huzzah.

And now... I attempt to unfuck the house and figure out what I'm doing with my sourdough starter harvest. Oh, and write an Instant. That's important too.