Tuesday. I can't.

I didn't want to get out of bed, today. The world is falling apart. According to the vilest lies, Statistics, 87% of the USA are in favour of sensible quarantine procedures, including masks, social distancing, and staying home as much as humanly possible. Alas, the remaining 11% are the ones fucking things up for everyone else.

Speaking of the 11%... there's a bunch of them in dense public housing who are locked in for quarantine. They don't want tests for reasons that simply perplex me. Some think they might be afraid of being deported, but there's no concrete news.

In the news:

  • Talkback host in the right wing says the Covid figures are "made up" and the people who want to preserve life are overreacting. So basically repeating every talking point the Muppet has had ever
  • SES has removed donated food from the locked-in tower? No reason was given
  • The Muppet is mad at a NASCAR driver now that they have been revealed to have made an honest mistake. The pull-cord on a garage door looked like a noose and had been there for absolute ages before said NASCAR driver discovered the resemblance
  • Naturally, the Muppet expects the NASCAR driver to do one thing he will not do himself - apologise
  • In the same article, he's also mad at racist-named football teams for wanting to get rid of the racist elements in their name
  • NSW is getting more infections from Victoria after the latter closed its borders like an entire week too late
  • USA expects an enormous amount of cases after the people blatantly ignored plague restrictions. WHODA THUNK
  • In the same article, there was already a massive spike for the firkin holiday in question
  • Victoria's cases continue to spike and everyone is blaming young people in both spike cases. I'm blaming the Karen Squad for Victoria
  • An Influencer has been fined $1K after acting like a Karen and attempting to flee quarantine for her house in Sydney. She had been in Paris (which is full of Plague) before coming back to Aus. Naturally she burst into tears, but the moving finger hath writ
  • Victoria has been accused of being Singapore's copycat after a similar pattern has been revealed. In this case: Excellent performance -> Complacency -> Opening up way too early -> Secondary rash of cases -> Refusal to go back to Excellent performance -> CHAOS
  • A virologist is muddying the waters by stating that "coronavirus" has always "been with us". It's technically true, but THIS coronavirus hasn't been waiting in the wings for ideal conditions. All the early cases they're pointing to could easily be signs of an earlier outbreak of a weaker strain of the same plague. Further investigation is vital before you go shooting your mouth off, and if you're asking questions, then you haven't done enough investigation
  • Bubonic plague is coming back which is another one for Apocalypse Bingo. I'm watching for the people who start claiming it's a hoax and fleas are actually good for your health -_-
  • Epstiens GF Maxwell is planning to grass better than a golf course in a move that unnerves all her rich and powerful former clients. Waiting for the inevitable "hoax" and "witch hunt" claims from the Muppet if he's actually in her little black book

Given all this vomit of bad news, is it any wonder my soul is drained before I get out of bed?

At least I can finally watch Critical Role today. That's something.

Let's get on with the other stuff.