Challenge #02735-G178: Life and Pie

The elderly human was sitting on the porch of their home here on Earth when a shuttle neatly landed on the wide gravel road not far from the garage. They were curious, didn't get many visitors out here on the farm. Once things had settled and were quiet again, the door opened and soon the alien stepped out. The alien, a middle-aged being, smiled and greeted their old friend and went to sit with them for a while. The did promise, as duties permitted, they would visit after all. So, it being a pleasantly sunny day, and duties were light, it was a good time to sit, have some tea, and chat about the past when they were shipmates, and some of the more interesting times from back then. -- DaniAndShali

Even Humans slow down, though it's hard for some species to tell the difference. Even Humans grow old and age. Even the most formidable among them grow frail. Science has made the descent slow and gentle, but it happens nonetheless. It has even happened to Human Dav "Deathwish" Lyonn.

Age has wearied him, but the years have not condemned. Yet. Ze keeps hir livesuit in operational condition and has made a few modifications as concessions to hir declining mobility. As part of hir exercise regime, Human Dav is making apple pie. It's the kneading and rolling that's important. Not the lengths of extravagance that ze's come to perform with the crust.

Humans will add anything to mandatory activity in order to make it more enjoyable simply because it is mandatory activity and therefore boring and uninteresting. This is why Humans invented cheese sauce shortly after they discovered the health benefits of broccoli.

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