Challenge #03360-I072: Hello All Over Again

They find Anthe's reincarnation, and this little imp is just as wild, as adventurous, and as fun-loving as her previous incarnation. -- Lessons

Kobolds, like Goblins, are remarkably prolific. Considering that their usual destiny is to end as a brief and crunchy squeak, this is entirely understandable. If they didn't breed like flies, there would be none of the species left. Whilst the Goblins have a complicated labyrinth for their departed souls, the Kobolds have a simpler arrangement.

You died? Okay. Here's a new body that can house your soul. Just about to hatch. Have another go at life.

And another, and another, and another... This, and the aforementioned brief, crunchy squeak, are why Kobolds aren't overly concerned with funerals. They tend to view childhood as a six-year break between whatever they had done and whatever they were going to do next.

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