Sunday, Complicated Day

So. Capt S is having a day in which she should not be without some fam nearby for comfort and succour. We have plns to visit her in the morning, because I need to sleep for D&D tonight, we need to get going ASAP because Capt S is two hours' drive away.

As a direct result, I am streaming at 4AM and missing out on the Tale Foundry readings. I shall catch the VOD1 at a later time.

Because Capt S needs us today.

I will probably spend a large portion of the transit time in cat-napping, and internet SUCKS in Scenic Coominya, so I will likely be incommunicado as far as the interwebs is concerned.

I will try to take Devil's Tale with me. On my new lappy. I will NOT be taking the associated stylus because the method to keep it with the lappy is a little on the dodgy side.

The magnets are nice and clever and also weak as heck.

I don't have any arting programs on it anyway. Not yet.

It's unlikely that I'll write anything, BUT... if I get the chance, there shall be more terrible Tiefling yearning and stuff.

Wish me luck.

  1. Video On Demand, for those unfamiliar with the acronym.