Challenge #03359-I071: Unforgettable Lesson

Just because a being is small does not mean they can't be a "Mama Bear" no matter their gender! When the family is reunited, or rather, the parents are found while their child is in ICU thanks to that knomira, well, small does NOT mean weak. And that knomira learns the hard way about hurting someone's kid. -- DaniAndShali

The rest of the lifepod had to hold Tourist Will down so that the ERT's could deal with the most-injured first. After all, the baby Havenworlder had stopped its meeping, so that had to mean they were getting better, right?

Wilful ignorance has no limits.

While Will was shrieking about filing assault charges, the ERT's swarmed over tiny Pij and carried her out on a stretcher far too large for her. Then, most shocking of all, the ERT's slapped restraints onto Will's wrists and ankles. Hauling them off into a cell with sound baffling capabilities.

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