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Challenge #03435-I147: From the Mouths of Babes

The beatings the human was enduring from the very angry parental were bad enough, but worse was to come. They had to face the child after the child came out of the ICU, but still heavily bandaged, still very weak, and try to explain themselves. Injected with a medication meaning they could not, at least for the time being, tell a lie, they had to be honest, not just to the family, but for once in their lives, to themselves.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03359-i071-unforgettable-lesson#@internutter/re-bkf-r8p1tm -- Lessons

"Why?" It was a child's question, and rather appropriate since it came from a child. The broken wing as in a stabilising brace. There were medicated bandages about their torso. Which had happy little stars on them.

Will, drugged to the eyeballs, said, "I thought it couldn't talk."

"She was coming here for some remedial assistance in becoming verbal," said the Security Goon. "Infant Pij has had plenty of time for that in the ICU." A meaningful glare and a cracking of knuckles. "You will answer her questions."

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Challenge #03359-I071: Unforgettable Lesson

Just because a being is small does not mean they can't be a "Mama Bear" no matter their gender! When the family is reunited, or rather, the parents are found while their child is in ICU thanks to that knomira, well, small does NOT mean weak. And that knomira learns the hard way about hurting someone's kid.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03314-i026-barge-versus-coracle -- DaniAndShali

The rest of the lifepod had to hold Tourist Will down so that the ERT's could deal

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Challenge #03276-BONUS002: Guilty of Air Pollution

A human knomira is burning a ton of incense in their room to "purify the air of toxins" because "bad smells carry miasma and miasma is illness!" They learn why that is NOT allowed aboard ships, or enclosed spaces like space stations. -- Anon Guest

Some people should never be trusted with a Travel Multipass. Even if they did have the finances to get one. Dumei was one of them. Worse, they were one of those people who thought 'extra perks' meant

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Challenge #03143-H234: Call it an Infrastructure Issue

It was an artificial planet, the makers had kidnapped young Deathworlders, including small human children, as forced labor because they were small and able to get into tight places. Some of the kids died getting trapped in areas where the air would run out. CRC learned of this horror, Pax Humanis was called in. The madmen who kidnapped the kids soon learned WHY you don't mess with children in the alliance. Especially since one of those kids was the little daughter of

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Challenge #03070-H162: Weighed and Found Wanting

Entitlement. When one thinks of that word, they think of humans, especially stuck up females, though some males are as well, that are self-centered jerks who thinks the world should do everything THEIR way. But it comes in all forms. This havenworlder was self-centered, a total brat, and thought that just because the humans were kind to their kind and often allowed their people to ride on their shoulders to get from point A to point B safely, that the humans were

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Challenge #02179-E350: Use Freedom Responsibly

"Do you beeep realize that they beeep wired my voicebox with a digital censor ! Under the beeep pretext that it might shock some Havenworlder. So now I can't say beeep like beeep, beeep, beeep beeep, beeep or even beeep! That's half my beeep vocabulary ! It's goddam beeep." -- Anon Guest

"You can still say 'goddam'," said Human Pel.

"Not beeep helpful, Pel," sighed Ioli, resident AI. "I've been hacked. This is a beeep violation of my freedom of beeep speech!"

Pel took

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Challenge #01904-E080: That'll Buff Out

We all do it, either repair something broken with improvised stuff (paperclips are highly favoured), or hit it or kick it. -- Anon Guest

Rael opened up the exterior panel. And nearly had the urge to purge his internal organs. This was a temporary patch job that was actually a flock of temporary patch jobs. A mountain of kludges. Paperclips, ductape, and random bits of fabric, string, and parts that never should have come into conjunction were all there. He recognised desperate

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