Challenge #03143-H234: Call it an Infrastructure Issue

It was an artificial planet, the makers had kidnapped young Deathworlders, including small human children, as forced labor because they were small and able to get into tight places. Some of the kids died getting trapped in areas where the air would run out. CRC learned of this horror, Pax Humanis was called in. The madmen who kidnapped the kids soon learned WHY you don't mess with children in the alliance. Especially since one of those kids was the little daughter of a member of Pax Humanis, their rage was the most terrifying of all. -- DaniAndShali

Magrathea Custom Planet Corporation does not support nor endorse the actions of their clients once they complete purchase of their tailored world. This is the only thing that has saved them from the wrath of Pax Humanis. For now.

The more important matter is what happened on Ego V. Or, more precisely, in Ego V. It's a safe bet to presume that a Deregger was behind it all. Something about cost margins and material expenditure[1] made them demand smaller maintenance access tunnels within their world. Apart from the "lone wolf" gravity drive, most of the planets' interior was meant to be automated everything.

A paradise with spectacular views, amazing environments to play in, and everything available on demand. When asked how Bez Geffos planned to maintain all the machinery inside his planet, he joked, "I'll hire small engineers."

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