Friday, Day 0, Tangled

Plague news: Two new cases, one of each. Nineteen total active cases and fourteen are in hospital.

Today, my Beloved is getting part of her face burned off with lasers and then turning into a vampire for the interim. Direct exposure to sunlight is not recommended post-procedure.

My arm is back to my full range of movement and I am still not a wifi hotspot.

There's starters to feed, bikkie to make (and consume), 1K to write, mobs to add stats unto in varying boards... and a Beloved to comfort when she comes home after the lasering.

Busy day.

In the news:

  • In case you were wondering how fake is that Radon stuff - It's not fake. They're going into abandoned uranium mines to dose themselves with Radon gas, in order to cure their Covid. Yeeks
  • Family of deceased Covid Conspiracy guy harassed because they were begging for money. There's a site dedicated to listing all the Covidiots who've received lethal karma
  • Qld Premier once again under attack for... ::checks notes:: Keeping the borders closed to the plague vectors down south
  • Moderna apparently makes twice as many antibodies as Pfizer
  • 44YO "promising young man" with control-style abuse habits stabs his 22YO girlfriend to death
  • USA Knomira arrested for providing fake proof of vaccination document
  • Yet another idiot hospitalised after treating his Covid with horse dewormer

This plague is going to render "survival of the smartest" a thing.

Onwards to storytime, house unfuckening, and precision lasers.