Challenge #03435-I147: From the Mouths of Babes

The beatings the human was enduring from the very angry parental were bad enough, but worse was to come. They had to face the child after the child came out of the ICU, but still heavily bandaged, still very weak, and try to explain themselves. Injected with a medication meaning they could not, at least for the time being, tell a lie, they had to be honest, not just to the family, but for once in their lives, to themselves. -- Lessons

"Why?" It was a child's question, and rather appropriate since it came from a child. The broken wing as in a stabilising brace. There were medicated bandages about their torso. Which had happy little stars on them.

Will, drugged to the eyeballs, said, "I thought it couldn't talk."

"She was coming here for some remedial assistance in becoming verbal," said the Security Goon. "Infant Pij has had plenty of time for that in the ICU." A meaningful glare and a cracking of knuckles. "You will answer her questions."

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