Challenge #03276-BONUS002: Guilty of Air Pollution

A human knomira is burning a ton of incense in their room to "purify the air of toxins" because "bad smells carry miasma and miasma is illness!" They learn why that is NOT allowed aboard ships, or enclosed spaces like space stations. -- Anon Guest

Some people should never be trusted with a Travel Multipass. Even if they did have the finances to get one. Dumei was one of them. Worse, they were one of those people who thought 'extra perks' meant the right to do whatever the hell they wanted and damn the consequences.

Case in point, the cause of the diverse alarms. A special array of gently-smouldering substances set up in pride of place in their "personal private" quarters aboard the cruiser.

Shipboard ERT's burst into those quarters. Full livesuits on, carrying extinguishers and emergency air. They identified the source of the smoke while Dumei was still screeching, "Ex-CUSE me!"

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