Challenge #03277-BONUS003: Asked and Answered

They say that if something can go wrong, it WILL go wrong. And today was one of those days. They were making camp, and it began to rain heavily. So they go to a cave, and it ends up almost flooding. They head for high ground, but then the lightning starts up. They find an abandoned cabin, and it's full of bugs and there's no firewood...argh, what next?? -- Anon Guest

There had been skittering and scuttling as Hafl entered the half-crumbling structure. The other half was leaking so much that the roof nearly didn't matter, but at least there was one corner where it was merely dripping a little. She could put up with an intermittent plap of water on her hood. It was more or less okay.

What she really needed now was dry wood and a fire to warm up the immediate area. Thanks to the rain, nothing would catch fire in here. The bad news was that that included any remaining wood she could have used.

"Go adventuring," she mocked, "you'll be tripping over gold coins. You'll find all sorts of wonders and come back a hero." Hafl blew a raspberry. "Tripping over a half-starved goblin with a necklace of ears does not count as being heroic. Neither does this." Thunder crashed again. "The gods hate me. What. Fucking. Next?"

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