Thursday, Day 0, Hargleblargle

Plague news: 6 781 new cases. 32 312 total active cases, 275 are in hospital, 10 are in the ICU.

Vax news:

  • 43 Million total vaccines administered nationally
  • 40K doses given in Queensland, yesterday

I personally hate what's going on with the government information sites. It's less accessible and that's likely so that nobody looks close enough to see how bad we're failing at controlling the damn disease.

We're not "living with the virus", we're letting it take over.

Today, I am aiming to scan the codes so I can digitally own more sourcebooks and seeing what things I can adapt for my pack of numpties when they get on the road from Phandalin to Waterdeep.

Yes I do plan things this far ahead.

In the news:

  • Tennis star given free reign to spread plague is now in trouble for his visa
  • Scammers in the US are phishing via plague testing popups
  • China's new plan is apparently to buy the world
  • The flu and the plague team up in Brazil to create "Flurona"
  • Randy Andy about to face consequences for messing with kids?
  • 6YO buys her first home
  • Baby misdiagnosed as stillborn persists in surviving
  • Weirdo strips to bikini and dances in Bunnings
  • Blurry out-of-focus trailcam pic of some rando guy mistaken for an alien
  • Plague leads to shopping limits returning
  • Melania Trump into Crypto
  • Ancient land whales discovered in North America

Soon - the rest of my nonsense.