Challenge #03278-BONUS004: Meditative Downtime Activities

A ship of Havenworlders was out on the rim doing planet surveys. It's been stressful as they wait for repair parts to come in due to damage from raiders, fortunately their human chased the raiders off, and the human brings out a big stack of paper books with black and white images and a large box of colored pencils. They smile at their friends and say. "Here, one of my favorite ways to relax, de-stress, and clear my mind. I have enough for everyone to have their own coloring book." -- Anon Guest

The Edge Territories are full of unique perils. Previously undiscovered civilisations, warlike roaming bandits, Sargasso Schemes, the list goes on and on. Including the flora, fauna, mycota, and general landscapes of the planets surveyed by Planetary Survey crews.

This one had had mildly inconvenient biota, and a very inconvenient band of space pirates in the stellar neighbourhood. Which was why the survey ship was now in a ploughed crater caused by it's 'cheese grater' landing[1].

It was also why the crew were setting up a combination survey camp and replacement parts factory whilst they waited for rescue. At least the space pirates had learned why Humans had that reputation, and decided to favour the better part of valour for the foreseeable future. The real trick was keeping everyone entertained during downtime, since all the media entertainments had been fried by atmospheric entry.

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