Wilful Ignorance

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Challenge #03276-BONUS002: Guilty of Air Pollution

A human knomira is burning a ton of incense in their room to "purify the air of toxins" because "bad smells carry miasma and miasma is illness!" They learn why that is NOT allowed aboard ships, or enclosed spaces like space stations. -- Anon Guest

Some people should never be trusted with a Travel Multipass. Even if they did have the finances to get one. Dumei was one of them. Worse, they were one of those people who thought 'extra perks' meant the right to do whatever the hell they wanted and damn the consequences.

Case in point, the cause of the diverse alarms. A special array of gently-smouldering substances set up in pride of place in their "personal private" quarters aboard the cruiser.

Shipboard ERT's burst into those quarters. Full livesuits on, carrying extinguishers and emergency air. They identified the source of the smoke while Dumei was still screeching, "Ex-CUSE me!"

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Challenge #03116-H207: I've Been Eating WHAT?

Heh, so it was requested it be made a prompt, who am I to say no? :-)

[Submitted picture which is now transcribed below:]

ryivhnn682: Lass deliberately sabotaged their own ship? o_O

bkf482: I can see it, they deliberately crashed their ship, but it wasn't damaged enough where they couldn't have just left. So they deliberately sabotaged their ship so it would look like their ship had been hurt a lot worse in the crash forcing them to stay there despite

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Challenge #03078-H170: The Inherent Hazards of Knomiras

Common sense is not that common, this most people know.

When you lack even that basic knowledge, it's sad how things can go.

They were listening to the instructions of the flight attendants as they had boarded their flight from the station. It was the usual routine safety instructions that all flights normally gave, and the usual "Here is what we do for this type of emergency" thing. Except, this time, a person scoffed, rolling their eyes, refusing to listen to a

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Challenge #02102-E278: Faint Praise

"Now look, you 'orrible little bastard, this is the last time I'm going to tell you: no more low gravity rugby in the cargo holds!" -- Anon Guest

"It's not like there's a lot of room to play it anywhere else," protested Human Dave.

"That," said Freighter Captain Jokk, "is not the problem, here. The problem here is you destabilizing my cargo hold with your horseplay."

"How can it be unstable? It's nul-grav. There's no balance to be had in zero gee.

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Challenge #02065-E241: Once Upon a Crusade

"There's no such thing as an elephant."

"Then you have some very big wolves on this planet." -- Anon Guest

"Just think about it for a psalm," said Sir Thakkis. "A beast as large as a peasant's hut, walking on legs as thick as trees, with a nose like a serpent and ears like cloaks? It's too ridiculous to live. And, Frog, I have to remind you that we are on a holy quest and your heretical words have no place."


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Challenge #01994-E170: Look Up

One of the last astronomers left on the planet after the Great Protectionism Act (the one that isolated the entire populous from anyone or anything beyond their home planet) goes on a quest to shut off all non-emergency service related power on the planet in order to show the people the beauty and worth of the the night sky. -- Anon Guest

With every great rise of knowledge and understanding, there is an equal and opposite fall into wilful ignorance. This is

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