Challenge #03320-I032: The Thing About Patterns

The militant Viggins did as they said they would, and tried again, and again, to "make the perfect vegan world". And they failed again, and again, and again. After all, what was a home without PETS? And they failed time and time again. But each time alternatives were suggested, such as using bots instead of actual animals for pets, replica animals that didn't need food or water, simply recharged their batteries on sunlight, these suggestions were turned down. And each time, there were people there to clean up the mess, and make a tidy profit off these individual's refusal to see reason. -- Anon Guest

If at first you don't succeed: try, try, try again, -- Human motivational saying.

Many say that Humans just don't stop. They barely sleep, and the certainly don't like to surrender. This can be a powerful thing in the right Humans. However, if Humans get a toxic meme embedded in their brains, it can go very, very badly. If you doubt after you have seen the complete history of Planet Purity, then look no further than the Viggin Plant Life Bubbles.

Their first effort is the most famous. Attempting to recreate Eden with only their beliefs in how a world should work and the determination to force it into being that way. Should, as wiser mouths often say, is not is.

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