Tuesday, Day 0, Shrinky Patreon

Plague news:

  • 7 462 new cases
  • 63 119 total active cases
  • 821 hospitalisations
  • 50 in the ICU
  • 3 more deaths
  • 13 149 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 91 289 national doses
  • 15 034 Qld doses
  • 3 094 ACT doses
  • 19 194 NSW doses
  • 647 NT doses [SHAME!]
  • 7 108 SA doses
  • 2 848 Tas doses
  • 29 582 Vic doses
  • 13 782 WA doses

There's a new Omicron variant loose in Aus and GEE WHILLAKERS HOW DID THAT HAPPEN - hairy eyeball at all the people and businesses opening up and reductions in restrictions happening willy nilly.

::FUME fume fume fume::

I visit my shrink today, with my iPad because broken lappy. Grr. And I shall bitch about all my woes and Why Does The World Have To Be Stupid verse 987...

After that, my day is more or less gravy.

I have Patreon nonsense happening also today. And the usual "Build a chamber" if I have the energy. Plus the potential for having my yard slashed today or potentially never. Sigh.

Fingers crossed that the slashing gets DONE.

In the news:

  • Xtian School forgets about loving thy neighbour in favour of banning The Gays and enforcing TERFy bullshit. Many are upset about this
  • Former Brit PM slams extant PM
  • Rihanna's pregnant
  • ScoMo gives $800 to some workers to ameliorate the plague damage. This is not as popular as he hoped
  • Teacher quits aforementioned Xtian School
  • Australia's newest and shiniest warship broke down with the Plague on board, just outside of a nation that won't let plague-carriers in. Our tax dollars at work, folks
  • Phelps had some nasty words about Trans swimmers, and his ex [who's intersex] slammed him a good one
  • NZ Journalist who's life is at risk because pregnant cannot go home. Even though she's willing to do literally everything she's supposed to
  • Danny Elfman has INK
  • We might need a fourth booster -_- Thanks, Knomiras
  • Live cells in breast milk could cure cancer
  • Kitty re-united with their Human because of a meow on a phone call

And now... stories.