Challenge #03319-I031: Lesson Two

As Wraithvine was well into their cups, a very kind looking individual comes up to them to put a party hat on their head and give them a hug. As they hug Wraithvine, they whisper into the ear, softly, carefully, "I've likely been around almost as long as you have, though my immortality was accidental, a spell gone haywire. Like you, I've learned to use it to help those in need. Now, I intend to go with you, I'll follow, even if you say no, and aid you in your quest to save others. For your quest is a worthy one." -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine might be three quarters blotto, but there were some words that instantly raised hir ire. "Even if I say no," ze repeated. "You do understand that consent is very important, yes?"

"I'm determined," said the other immortal. "You once taught me a lesson, when I was still relatively young. It hit me in my soul."

Wraithvine glared at them, squinting a little bit to get the world into focus. Tried to fit the face into hir extensive memories. "If I taught you a lesson, I might have to teach you another. Consent," ze stabbed the air with one finger. "Is very. Important. 'F I say 'no' it means no. End. Of discussion. You might be deathless, you might be bless'd by -hyurp- a god... but there's worse things'n dying and I've been through most of 'em. I c'n figure out something to stop you if you won't listen to a 'no'."

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