Monday, Day 0, Long day

Plague news:

  • 8 580 new cases
  • 64 226 total active cases
  • 745 hospitalisations
  • 41 in the ICU
  • 0 new deaths
  • 12 718 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 174 045 national doses
  • 25 580 Qld doses
  • 4 626 ACT doses
  • 51 406 NSW doses
  • 1 231 NT doses [thin ice, peeps!]
  • 11 903 SA doses
  • 4 670 Tas doses
  • 50 285 Vic doses
  • 24 244 WA doses

Today is more or less a day of rest. My challenge is to stay awake past 4PM because I've already been awake since 9:30 the previous night.

My challenge is also to keep Miss Chaos on track because remote learning starts today.

Beloved's meds are still making her brain fuzzy. I did ask her to help me out with stuff the previous evening, but she got derailed by a free-roaming Mayhem. On the plus side, Mayhem is now applying for apprenticeships in electronics assembly and maintenance so cool for him.

IF I get any braining done today, it is counted as pure bonus.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world:

  • Tennis drama
  • ScoMo's approval rating plummets. Who could have known that his inaction would have consequences?
  • Country spends $45BILLION to move their capital onto dryer land
  • Mother threw child to the bears
  • NOW some Premiers go off at Antivaxxers
  • Artists versus Joe Rogan
  • Randy Andy attempts to throw Her Majesty under the bus
  • One quarter of a million monarch butterflies after the previous years' 2K

And now - storytime.