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Challenge #03319-I031: Lesson Two

As Wraithvine was well into their cups, a very kind looking individual comes up to them to put a party hat on their head and give them a hug. As they hug Wraithvine, they whisper into the ear, softly, carefully, "I've likely been around almost as long as you have, though my immortality was accidental, a spell gone haywire. Like you, I've learned to use it to help those in need. Now, I intend to go with you, I'll follow, even if you say no, and aid you in your quest to save others. For your quest is a worthy one." -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine might be three quarters blotto, but there were some words that instantly raised hir ire. "Even if I say no," ze repeated. "You do understand that consent is very important, yes?"

"I'm determined," said the other immortal. "You once taught me a lesson, when I was still relatively young. It hit me in my soul."

Wraithvine glared at them, squinting a little bit to get the world into focus. Tried to fit the face into hir extensive memories. "If I taught you a lesson, I might have to teach you another. Consent," ze stabbed the air with one finger. "Is very. Important. 'F I say 'no' it means no. End. Of discussion. You might be deathless, you might be bless'd by -hyurp- a god... but there's worse things'n dying and I've been through most of 'em. I c'n figure out something to stop you if you won't listen to a 'no'."

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Challenge #03022-H099: Situational Education

Human children have a propensity to pet anything that's soft and furry. It's just a part of what seems to be observable human nature from childhood into adulthood. However, sometimes children had to be taught to not pet the fuzzy. In this case, they meet a havenworlder who has a soft, fluffy, service animal that has a sweet, little purr. The havenworlder, due to very advanced age, has gone very hard of hearing, the service animal makes sure they stay calm. --

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Challenge #02228-F038: Tactile Rewards

Human giving an alien scritches.

"I'm not a pet, you know."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"…No" -- TheDragonsFlame

The one thing one must remember about Humans, Thrikki wrote in her journal, apart from the most obvious like the whole Deathworlder thing, is that they are incredibly tactile. They reach out to feel things just to experience what it feels like. They reassure themselves on the presence of their fellows. They show affection through touch.

Human Cass was doing just that,

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mama-bird: roseclear: rosecoveredtardis: Ok, so... I found too many things about people -- teens especially -- only realizing that not...




Ok, so…

I found too many things about people — teens especially — only realizing that not saying no does not equal a yes once they’re told.

So I made a thing.

I’m so sorry if I did something wrong, I’m not 110% sure what I’m doing, so I’m almost scared to post this, but…

Sign here, if you’re interested.

Signed and passed it on to FB and Twitter. This is a cause worth spreading

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