Challenge #03022-H099: Situational Education

Human children have a propensity to pet anything that's soft and furry. It's just a part of what seems to be observable human nature from childhood into adulthood. However, sometimes children had to be taught to not pet the fuzzy. In this case, they meet a havenworlder who has a soft, fluffy, service animal that has a sweet, little purr. The havenworlder, due to very advanced age, has gone very hard of hearing, the service animal makes sure they stay calm. -- Anon Guest

Humans will pet anything. This is a known fact throughout any space that has Humans in it. Even the Vorax, long-time combatants of the Humans, have learned that they will reach out and attempt to befriend the most inadvisable creatures. Therefore it is a point of necessity to teach very young Humans what is okay to pet.

Phrases like, "No no, poison," and, "No no, owwies," quickly become part of the greater caregiver lexicon. Alongside lightning reflexes and over-the-horizon radar for when a young Human is about to approach something inadvisable. Soon following those essential two are, "No no, danger," and finally, "No no, naughty."

This can cause some confusion when the subject is formerly cleared animals. Reason and logic are not immediate traits in the very young Human and explaining the concept of a working animal can take some time. When in doubt, teaching consent is always an option, as Educator Lynn was learning.

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