Tuesday, Day 1, Patreon Day

No new cases, no new imports. Yay. Twenty-five total cases, and all of them are in hospital. Blurgh.

I'm going to be copy-pasting stuff into Patreon before Miss Chaos wakes up. I got some writing done, but nothing much in the finished state of things. Alas.

With luck and good fortune, I might be able to do Does Not Compute today. Luck was not on my side yesterday, but today might be the charm. We shall see.

In the news:

  • Mor royal funeral nonsense
  • 7YO shot dead by some arsehole whilst in a Macca's Drive-through. Only in the USA, folks
  • Auspost ceases transporting perishables and I don't blame them
  • Verdict "looms" for George Floyd's murderer
  • ScoMo wants to sprint with vax rollout despite concatenating clusterfluffs with distribution and delivery
  • Fuckwit takes photo of baby with gun pointed at it and ammo on baby's tum, gets fined in court
  • Heat map of violence in USA matches heat map of population, surprising only the news people
  • Satellites reveal Russia's attempts at power moves

I've since learned that Macca's removal of plastic straws has done nothing. People buy their own plastic straws and bring them with for Maccas. Whoops. Slacktivism at its worst, folks.