Wednesday, Day 2, Debug the Mic

Twenty total cases, all of them in hospital. Things are looking up for me and my paranoia. Alas, the Death Cough remains, so I too remain in personal quarantine until I either shift the stuff that's making me bark, or Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season draws to a close.

Something there is that does not like me drawing breath. I'm used to it.

I tried to record an episode of Does Not Compute but there was NO SOUND. I gotta debug what's going on with my headset mic before I try again.

In the news:

  • HE'S GUILTY! In a first-ever court upset, the cop who murdered George Floyd has been found guilty of murdering a man. The appeal process began two milliseconds after the gavel fell
  • Zac Efron a free man
  • Kim Kardashian is also apparently a free woman and flirting with the Royals
  • If we open our borders, we're all going to die
  • We might need the plague jab annually. Fun
  • 2YO swallowed magnet balls and got in deep medical trouble
  • There's yet another crypto out there
  • KFC uses deep fryer drippings to make their gravy and people are shocked. I can't wait to tell you what actual gravy is made of, you delicate little snowflakes

Today's Wordpress will be about the things I skipped and why.