Challenge #03023-H100: A Day in the Life of a Global Villain

Another day passed by in this prison. Before I fell asleep I heard clanging on the cell door. Someone on the other side spoke “Package for prisoners 089” I pulled myself out of bed “that’s me” a small compartment opened up revealing a small box. “Who’s it from?” I asked, no response must’ve left. I slowly open the package, my cell mate chimed in “what’cha got there?” I raised an eyebrow “transport proteins”. “What?” I didn’t need to respond I just walk though the cell wall. -- Anon Guest

There wasn't much time. I was temporarily marked as both Friendly and Harmless, but it wouldn't last long. The proteins would dissolve soon enough. They didn't have to last long, they just had to last long enough. I caught the flow of corpuscles and hitched a lift with the nearest hemocyte.

Step One: Get out. Good. Done that. Step Two: Look for somewhere I can get out. Not exactly achievable when traveling through the arteries as speeds unimaginable. The hemocyte doesn't notice me. It's not that smart. It's the other ones I need to watch out for. My glee peaks as I realise where the hemocyte is taking me. A sebaceous gland! Oh glory, I'm home free.

Step Three: Escape. I lurk in the oils, waiting for contact with another surface, and it doesn't take long. The Host acts incautiously and that's been how me and others like me have been going so very, very far and wide. They pick something up. They put something down. I'm on the surface of another environment with just enough to last for twenty-four hours. Plenty of time.

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