Thursday, Day 0, Scam-aware Thursdays

One new imported case, so we're up to sixteen days without local transmission. On one hand, I've been keeping count. On the other hand... I'm evidently terrible at counting. Trust the news before you trust me. Please. I'm perfectly willing and able to be wrong. We have seventeen total cases and sixteen of those are in hospital. Looks like a whole bunch of people got better. Yay.

As far as those numbers fall, the happier I am.

Today's Scams feature is going to be The Eternal Sponge because they're always on the soak. I'm going to be calling out someone on Peakd and it's high time someone did it. I can at least make my 787 followers there aware of this individual. I gave them the chance to mend their ways and they did not. So now they get some consequences.

In the news:

  • Apparently the civilian footage of George Floyd's murder is the only reason his murderer got a conviction. Cue a call for laws to make it illegal to record the police
  • Submarine vanishes off the coast of Bali
  • Police murder a 16YO girl who called them for help without sparing a second to assess the situation
  • Plague troubles on the rise as idiots continue to act like idiots but even moreso now that there's a vaccine
  • There's another virus in Aussie hotels
  • China vs Australia continues to heat up

Let's get on with my nonsense.