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Challenge #03075-H167: Fighting to Survive

'Hoverboard' on YouTube, actually large drone with person riding. What if the drone was used to carry essential items in times of need and trouble. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I've seen videos of these things. They are cool, but also loud as HECK. More annoying than the average dirt bike and three times as dangerous. And yes, Drones carried goods before they carried people]

Tal could trust the ones that made noise. Ze had learned to hide in the granite tubes until ze could hear the good drones coming in. Those who had scopes or binocs said that both kinds of drones had the same markings. Tal would never understand why the enemy would treat with one hand and torture with another. Yet the ones that gave never lured anyone out so the ones that killed could do their dirty work.

Tal had given up on watching the news, like so many others had done. Not only was there a supreme absence of working screens or speakers now, but they often said different things about the same events. The carpet bombing of the last surface funeral was apparently quelling a riot over food, while the supply delivery was urgent humanitarian aid for the children suffering in the conflict of the war-torn area.

They said they were quelling sadistic overlords, but Tal had never heard of any such person here in the wastelands. There had been troops, once, searching the area for some kind of leader, but all that was left were kids like Tal, scrabbling for their own keep. Some kids were having kids whether they wanted them or not. Some kids, like Tal, were more or less raised by the clusters of those older than them.

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Challenge #03023-H100: A Day in the Life of a Global Villain

Another day passed by in this prison. Before I fell asleep I heard clanging on the cell door. Someone on the other side spoke “Package for prisoners 089” I pulled myself out of bed “that’s me” a small compartment opened up revealing a small box. “Who’s it from?” I asked, no response must’ve left. I slowly open the package, my cell mate chimed in “what’cha got there?” I raised an eyebrow “transport proteins”. “What?” I didn’t need

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Challenge #02991-H068: The Awareness of the Sands

I. Am. A͈̟͔͂̑̐̆̒͜͟a̡̝͍̻̘͐͛͆͞͞Ą̝̖̱̐̈́͒͂͢͠A̜̮͍̮͊́̒̂́ͅą̛͈̫̜̜̔́̋͊A̻̬̭̳͂̊́̚͞ͅą̛̺̜̰͓͑͑͌̚ we. ArE. LegIOn. MAny. SouLs. one. BodY... PAIN. StOP. EaT. paIN. stop. More... MORE. Food. FOOD. LET US FEAST MÕ͕̼̔O̡͙͓̎͌͌Ő̫̲̟̏͠Ỡ̧̠͈͍̪̩̮͚̥͚̏̆̉̔͒͛̚͡Ô͖R̨̘̼̬͖̥̺̫̺͕͛̔̓̿̅̐̈͐͛͒E̮͉̲̮͓̩̦̞̝͎̦͈͗͆́͂̓̀̀̇͛̅͘͡ -- Anon Guest

[AN: This text thing messes up my archive file something chronic. Please don't do this any more.]

I... am...

I... need...

I do not understand what I need, but I need. I need... and need... and it hurts to need. Reach. Consume.

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Challenge #02764-G207: If I See Further...

Necessity may be the mother of Invention, but Spite can make for an exceptional foster parent. -- AmberFox

Is there any phrase more simultaneously motivating and de-motivating than "you can't"? Whether or not someone takes it to heart, or how they take it to heart, is a matter of importance.

"You can't do that, you simply lack the mental capacity," is a good one that has inspired many to prove the naysayer wrong. Of course, such proof is almost inevitably dismissed as

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Challenge #02155-E326: Alone in the Night

It was a single dot in the blackness of space. All it did was shout 'I am!' to the surrounding cold dark. -- Anon Guest

This is space - lots of it is very dark, except for the bits of it that aren't. When there is light enough to see by, one could be completely unaware of the plethora of light surrounding one, and therefore think that the blackness of the void is infinite. Technically, it is. It is also peppered

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Challenge #01990-E166: Mystery Analysis Department

Step back in Time. It smells different, the food is odd. But you are here to record History. Pick an Era.

the Past is a different country -- Anon Guest

The oddest thing about the early twentieth century had to be the colours. Followed closely by what people willingly put in their mouths. It was just... odd... to see any era before the nineteen fifties in any other tones but black and white.

The past is another country, indeed. The food is

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Challenge #01544-D083: Il Pleut

They can make it rain, some perform Arcane rituals, some pray. But of course there is the old tried and true methods. -- Knitnan

There's a reason why the Affiliate College of Rainmakers is on a boat. And why the uniform contains rain coats and wellingtons. You don't collect so many Rainmakers in one place without taking precautions. It's only by the third year of attempting control that many students actually achieve it.

Though it is hard to tell without field trips.

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Challenge #01413-C318: The Otherworldly Ones

Humans are Fae for urban animals -- Gallifreya

"They live in a cave," the corvid insisted. "Caves all over the cliffs. Caves in the grasslands. They're all so confusing that it's difficult to find your way out again. The sky turns into a wall. But if you find a nice one, they will take you to the wall that is open and let you be free."

"They leave food," said the possum. "Some even give

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Challenge #01249-C154: Who's the Hero?

The super-villain who is an absolutely great parent -- Gallifreya

It began small, as it always does. A few disappearances. A few strangers with the wrong ID, turning up as suicides or deaths by cop.

But it wasn't until Senator Morganbaum took the public podium and changed before everyone's eyes into a latino woman of about the same height and weight that people realised something was up.

It was a very specific pattern. White cops who were on leave for shooting incidents

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