Challenge #01990-E166: Mystery Analysis Department

Step back in Time. It smells different, the food is odd. But you are here to record History. Pick an Era.

the Past is a different country -- Anon Guest

The oddest thing about the early twentieth century had to be the colours. Followed closely by what people willingly put in their mouths. It was just... odd... to see any era before the nineteen fifties in any other tones but black and white.

The past is another country, indeed. The food is peculiar, the air smells funny, everyone talks a completely different language and you can't trust the water. And in this era, the tail end of the Roaring Twenties, all those rules applied. Included therein was the corollary, everyone dresses funny.

Curves were forbidden in this era. But that didn't much matter because the one costume that was rarely changing and accepted anywhen was that of Religious Orders. All one had to do was be certain of the local flavour. Certainly, people stared at nuns or priests in their cassocks, but they certainly didn't want to interact with them, and that was the important part.

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