Challenge #03266-H357: My World is Spring With You

Waking world you seem woven from the stuff of dreams, all shall fade away

Shifting seasons and elusive dreams, the ephemeral and fleeting, with thine companionship all are eternal. -- Anon Guest

Before anyone named him Kosh, he had never had a sound night's sleep. It had been a point of contention amongst his alleged caregivers as a child. Nobody wanted to believe that demon-kin like himself could have nightmares. Nobody could believe he would be disturbed by them so much that giving up on sleep in favour of meditation was a goal.

What kept surprising him was that sleep was so much easier now. Nightmares had been few and fleeting. Easily dismissed because of the company he kept. Because of his wife.

He still woke as dawn began to colour the sky. The world he saw couldn't decide between the greys of night and hues so dark they were nigh indistinguishable, but he could always see her. Cordelia. His destined bride. His true love.

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