Challenge #03809-J157: Tactilely Rewarding

There was a small, human child staring at them. The small child shuffled closer then said, in a soft voice, "your fur looks soft. May I touch you? I washed my hands."

The child's hands were still slightly damp. -- Anon Guest

Humans are deadly, they leave a trail of blood in pursuit of conquest. Humans are insane, but there is method in their madness. They want to pet, tame, or ride any creature that they find. And if all else is unavailable, they would like to try eating it. Humans are also relentless. Once they have a goal to accomplish, very little will stop them.

With all that in mind, it's still wise to indulge a Human spawnling.

Humans are friendly towards those who are, in turn, friendly to their spawnlings. It is a decidedly good thing to have friendly Humans on their side. "Thank you for cleaning your hands," said Hoyt, reaching over her plate to get an extra napkin. "Please dry them before touching anybody."

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