Challenge #03116-H207: I've Been Eating WHAT?

Heh, so it was requested it be made a prompt, who am I to say no? :-)

[Submitted picture which is now transcribed below:]

ryivhnn682: Lass deliberately sabotaged their own ship? o_O

bkf482: I can see it, they deliberately crashed their ship, but it wasn't damaged enough where they couldn't have just left. So they deliberately sabotaged their ship so it would look like their ship had been hurt a lot worse in the crash forcing them to stay there despite demands for them to leave.

I can also see the plant people doing a reverse on hir and locking her up, or calling to the alliance to remove hir, by force if necessary.

ryivhnn682: That makes sense. Also sounds like a prompt if you're not lazy "patient" like me and just wait for someone else to do the prompt XD


bkf482: Isn't that why you have nutters like me around? LOL :-D To make sure such prompts are made at the request of such wondrous and talented writers? -- DaniAndShali

[AN: All referencing this one ]

So far, the dangerous baby-eating mammal had chosen violence. They ignored the borders, disregarded warnings, purposely inflicted themselves on the planet's surface, threatened the locals, and offered a fraudulent excuse for why they had to stay. Now that they had been caught and detained, they were leaking toxins and adding noise pollution to the charges against them.

The Humans, apparently, called it 'crying'. It was meant to evoke a sympathetic response. The Phlorians viewed it as yet another threat from a vicious predator. It took Human Lass quite some time to realise that this go-to tactic wasn't working. A realisation that occurred once the Guardtrees started pushing her rations towards hir at the end of a long pole.

They had gone to the trouble of providing Human-balanced Nutri-food[1], though it was from the bottom end of the market. Lass' objections were both loud and predictable. "How can I know if any of this came from an animal? I only eat the natural products of plants and fungus? They don't actually hurt anything?"

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