Saturday, Day 0, What Now?

Plague news: Ten new cases, all local transmission. One hundred and thirty-two total active cases, with seventy in the hospital and two in the ICU.

The Ekka's been delayed. Finally. The last thing we need is a new variant caused by the plague and the Ekka Ickies having a virus party and exchanging cheat codes.

We have enough trouble with the Ekka Ickies.

Today I write my Instant, total what I have managed to write this week since Monday for the #SmoreWords report, and then try to build another board for the campaign I'm planning to run.

I'm still taking it easy on myself until the bad times are under control.

Speaking of bad times, here's the news:

  • Olympics
  • Plague
  • Even MORE covidiots protesting or escaping lockdown for firkin stupid reasons
  • Alleged sexual assaulter denies everything
  • There's a deal to make fourteen South Park movies -_-
  • People don't know how to use the check-in codes
  • "Mummy" blogger speaks out against the plague jab, cops shit

Today, I am streaming in my kigu. Just because.