Challenge #03115-H206: All Your Base Now Belong to Us

We are done being quiet. For all your claims you have proven nothing to back your words. Show us that this galaxy is yours, prove to us this universe is your birthright. And we will demonstrate to you that humanity will NEVER YIELD TO YOU. - Humanity declaration of war to the Vesmil -- Anon Guest

There are some things one should never turn one's back on. Tidal oceans, creche rooms full of sucrose-enriched larvae, and this new species of really weird hairless apes. To the Vesmil, they were a curiosity. By the time they noticed Humanity had mastered EMR communication and taken a closer look, there were already some colonising their nearest planetoids.

Messy little creatures, leaving robots and debris everywhere. Taking baby steps inside their own solar system. It was almost adorable, the way they strapped themselves to explosives and hurled themselves and their technology at other celestial bodies. Cute. They'd never get far.

They were an idle curiosity, insisted the Vesmil. Something to be studied by the interns. Maybe they'll show us something about our own path to greatness. If they started to become a problem, we can just manifest our destiny all over them. Turn them into yet another thrall race who are separate yet equal. For limited definitions of 'equal'. The Vesmil never expected the Humans to become such a problem so quickly.

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