Sunday, Day 0, Stream 'n' Sleep

Plague news: Thirteen new cases, all local transmission. One hundred and forty-four total cases [that's a gross for the numerically uninitiated], seventy are in hospital and one's in the ICU.

Plague brain's got me taking writing lightly and that's okay. Most of my energy is going towards worrying about the firkin deadly disease going around everywhere and WHY are people STILL being dickheads about firkin basic safety precautions?


If Covid was a firkin serial killer you can bet everyone would be staying indoors, wearing their masks, and trying to prove that they cleanse their hands at every spare second.

Problem is, Covid is a serial killer, but it's not a person and is invisible, so people keep being dickheads.

I don't want it to hurt anyone I know.

I'm staying off the news in the hope that something better happens in my brain. Maybe give it up for a week. Stop reading about the idiocy on purpose.

Tale Foundry's due to start up just as Toasty winds up... which means I will be functioning on PURE CAFFEINE by the time my stream rolls around. It's going to be "fun".

Come watch the resulting madness.