Challenge #01994-E170: Look Up

One of the last astronomers left on the planet after the Great Protectionism Act (the one that isolated the entire populous from anyone or anything beyond their home planet) goes on a quest to shut off all non-emergency service related power on the planet in order to show the people the beauty and worth of the the night sky. -- Anon Guest

With every great rise of knowledge and understanding, there is an equal and opposite fall into wilful ignorance. This is one of those latter, dark ages. The last planetarium was closing forever. She was to confess her crimes before her execution. Because the new administration did not appreciate science in any form. Obedience was key, and Aelria was highly disobedient.

Tonight, she was not sleeping. Tonight, she was hacking the municipal power board. So that the city's power would fail at the appointed time. The time she was about due to die. Aelria was careful. Instead of an entire power failure, the city would keep all emergency services. Hospitals and emergency services would keep running, but for two hours, the city would go dark.

Tomorrow... she would die. Quickly, and cleanly, and to the cheers of thousands who didn't know who she was or why she was a heretic against the current order. Some would hear her last words, but she would be forgotten inside of a week. A rare few would remember, though. But all would feel the impact of what she had done.

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