Reconfiguring the Diet

You know that I've been worrying about my weight for a while, since it's been creeping upwards for some time.

And the answer is: Protein-phobia.

Science backs this up, but humans need a certain amount of protein, and it's more like forty to fifty percent of our diets rather than the ten to twenty the militant vegans dieticians have been recommending.

The more protein you have, the fuller you feel. The fuller you feel, the less you eat. Simple enough, and it comes with limits, of course, but the chief thing is: when you have enough protein, it shouldn't matter where you get your energy from.

We're scared of protein in this modern era, after a century of people telling us that meat will kill us. But if you want bone density in your old age - protein. If you want better brain function in your old age - protein and the right kinds of fat. We need it to live, basically.

That's why vegans insist that you can get all your protein out of vegetable products. You can, but it's not the best stuff for your body. Your personal mileage may vary. Like - if you have good results from a vegan diet, go for it.

Just don't cram your veggie pseudo-meat into my mouth and insist that it's better for me. Get me to try it and I'll weigh it against other food performance and make my decision. Force it upon me and I'll kick you in the nards and run away from that noise.

Once people are allowed to eat a lot more protein, they end up having a lot less problems. Amazing how that happens, to be honest.

I just have to learn a new way of eating properly. Again.

And before you get on me about the "Bodybuilder Diet", I am avoiding the steroids that are likely to be shredding the bodybuilder's livers. They never say they're doing them and therefore the results are skewed on that.

I have a story and something for Wordpress to do today. The rest of my hours will likely enter Critical Role and Factorio territory. Because weekends and because nerd.