Challenge #03331-I043: Overhead Lesson

Several families get together and the infants are happily playing. One Knomira sees several children waving their hands at each other, all of them are pre-verbal and only speaking "scribble", but it's like the parents know exactly what the kids want, and sign back as well as say aloud what the kids want and answering them. The Knomira, of course, throws a massive temper tantrum because these parents taught their pre-verbal children how to sign for basic needs instead of being "normal children" like hers and just crying and letting her figure it out. -- Anon Guest

The worst state of mind to exist in is the pure and solid belief that one knows everything. Especially everything that is right and correct. From such a high stance of morality, the rest of the world around them is simply made to be offensive and irritating.

Case in point, a very firmly Mrs Paumpateur out walking her children in their double stroller. This stroller was a work of art, just one millidu[1] below the maximum legal length, breadth and height for such things. The two children within, however, are definitely too large to be riding in it. She is currently steering it along the vehicle path simply because she can.

The playground she's headed towards is easily within running distance, but Mrs Paumpateur has installed safety locks on the harnesses. Even now, her precious young are squealing and struggling against their bonds.

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