Sunday and Shenanigans

Tale Foundry is doing its stream as I type. I spent most of my morning alternately watching Toasty doing amazing things with lines and blobs, and writing even more Koshdelia for funzies.

Descents into madness are delicious.

I have watched three more episodes of Legend of Vox Machina but I haven't spotted where they hid Matt Mercer this time. I shall have to find him. That little task will help me maintain consciousness until 4PM, when I must sleep before D&D.

Long Monday approacheth. Rapidly.

I do not expect much out of me tomorrow. You should not either.

It's hard to stay out of the morbs when everyone's just trying to wish the plague to be over. I don't want to have maybe-it's-covid twice, given the lung trouble I have from the first batch.

I'll be streaming soon, and doing what I can to stay conscious until the afternoon.