Challenge #03332-I044: Don't Try That at Home

A young Havenworlder was in the infirmary having their wing carefully bandaged, the bone broken. Fortunately, they'd been strong enough to not go into shock from the injury. What had happened? They had decided to try some of the self-defense moves they'd seen humans do in a movie and ended up having a bad fall. The parents had been in the process of signing them up for beginner lessons and now would have to wait until they healed. -- Anon Guest

The good news was that Phex was strong enough to survive the shock of a broken bone. He was still nominally conscious as the attending Mediks held his wing in place as the printer set a cast around it[1]. The negligibly good news was that they had some fantastic painkillers on hand.

"It's leaving whiskers... c'n I pet it?"

"Best to leave it alone, dear," said Medik Bolyss. "We need to stay still, remember?" Oh. Right. This was the Very Still Game. Breathing and blinking were allowed but every other movement meant that someone could miss out on a lollipop. Good thing talking was allowed too or they'd both be out.

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